The dreamer chronicles


I wonder whatever happens to all of the fragments in our consciousness that we pay not much heed to…? Is it reproduced in our dreams through symbolic means, woven into intricate fibres, amalgamated and synthesized beyond recognition…? What then does it reveal of our minds…? Too long have i been blissfully thrown into the furnace of confounding emotions and feelings, not to mention lingering sensations and states of consciousness that border on the unconscious. What are dreams then…? I am aggravated when they are reduced to mere theories that support the claim that they are mere by-products of the senses, of course even the basic of man made structures have foundations , one does not delve into the pillars of steel and concrete once they chance upon such a structure, their hearts do for a brief moment stand upon such a convention and observe and wonder , how…? How did all of this come about…? For in viewing them that way, we chance upon those hidden states of perception that poets and artists are blessed with in their natures, the state that reality seemingly obscures with its selfish dominance. The language of dreams is important for the progress of our soul, we are all dreamers, of course varying only in nature and degree. Dreams nourish our soul and help us remember who we are underneath all of the accumulations of bitter experience, and of course existence in a realm dominated by objects and the hunger of competition.

As i drift further and further away from the theme of my musings, i realize my reality is probably replicated in my dreams as per my unique pathology, being ‘ to the point’ has never my strength…. He he…  All day long i go through multiple realms in my imagination, and probe my own existence by revisiting the past, the present and the future in montages , reliving my glories and of course the pitfalls, i wonder if my dreams have these same components, take for instance my most recent dream wherein i am standing on flat ground, but beyond me the land slopes, and as i am looking down, i can feel the land shift, water seems to be gushing and since the land is steep, it takes on the appearance of a waterfall, its not very voluminous, its rather thin, after a few moments i find the slope has sort of shifted shape and now appears in such a way that the water falls can be seen in 2 different directions, both opposite to each other. As i am watching this strange scene, the terrain suddenly shifts once again and what was once steep appears like a slope once again, and trees have all grown on the stretch of land, the latter parts of the dream have of course disappeared into unconscious depths where they can never be retrieved from. I tried to hold on to the images as firmly as i could, with all the pathos of a depressed heartbroken man, i did have certain resources through which i could research my dream with. As i was doing so, i was surprised at what i found, since i completely tend to forget my states of consciousness and more so often whatever it is that needs my concentration and focus. Anyways, water is in essence the description of the soul of the psyche, or in their words, ‘ the living essence of the psyche’. It is also a symbol of the subconscious, of spirituality, of knowledge, healing and refreshment. I immediately felt …….
( to be continued )