A spontaneous entry


Jus try it out he said, it has some special feelings he said with a mystical touch in this damp slab of cold reality
I plugged in the earphones deep, the music began, my brother enjoyed trance music
The music began, outside towards my front I caught all the speeding particles of departing cars,
and towards my side, since I sat sideways with my feet all stretched out in the end , and the cars entered slow, they blended into the throbbing musical trance that the music cast me into, the roads seemed smooth , as soft yet tender as velvet, and the cars carried lamps in their front, they beamed and gleamed, time became trapped between those two cars, and the more we departed into the great beyond, into the kilometres,into the surface , rolling and moving, and the car shuddered every now and then as the set minded fanatic driver who had taken offense moments back entered the cold brute force of attempting to overpower and demolish our content with acts of mediocrity. And I pondered the touch of the calm into my own impoverished being, that constantly seemed to find motives to create discontent and recklessness, the world of my dreams swayed with the unpredictable insinuations that throbbed and filled and swamped my spot in that backseat. I was no longer lonely and unloved by the million frightening strangers who shared existence alongside me, I was more , I was a delicious altar into which the outpourings of all the abstract found a tune in, I was the road, I was every dream that I had ever conceived, I was whoever I wished to be, but I still was caught up in the trance of dreams…. You see I am a dreamer and I see what can never be seen, but if you did wish to see, you can only see them through me. I was the burning sacrifice, the grand experiment on which consciousness was tested and built upon… Cut me up and you will see the brilliant dark unconscious fill up all the bridges, highways and the roads of the personal conscious…. ! 

Everything we write comes from the body’s place in time, the more one embraces his enthusiasm, the more we find ourselves connecting to feelings that fill us with joys that one cannot comprehend. I wonder if all that I write or think about was derived from all the entries that I had previously encountered at some point in unthinkable time, the past , the past always holds more power than the present… I dream and explode into a brilliant fury of powerful emotional atoms that soared and climbed on the tails of the northern winds and filled my heart with Power that came from an encounter with one’s soul


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