Ballad of a hopeful Soldier – Short Poem


When trouble and sorrow come as they always will, 

My Lord reveals to me, 

Ain’t nothing that you can’t pass through, 

Ain’t there a thing in the world that my LORD won’t move away from my path, 

When pain seems to linger longer than a night and darkens bright sparkly mornings, 

I remember all that I have been through, 

Ain’t there a thing in the world that I can’t change, 

Ain’t there a thing in the world that can’t be overcome if I have the proper focus and spiritual balance, 

The Lord touches me in my spirit and tears me away from my self inflicted pain, 

Son, Believe only in me, the highs and lows in your life they will pull and push you and madden your mind, 

but now, believe, hope and trust in me, 

For I know the answers that you seek in your heart, 

I am your Rock, your Shield and your Comforter, 

You and I… we move forward, 

We don’t linger in our past hurts, 

We don’t linger in our conflicts and arguments, 

we move forward because that’s where life is, 

So here I stand, all human and awaiting to be broken again, 

I know that the tears will convince me that I am not special, 

and the hurt will break away into my core, 

but I have fallen before and I will fall again, 

but I will rise and walk my way, 

for the Lord watches over me, 

and He holds my hand, 

He will allow me to perhaps be broken, 

but never out of reason and never out of spite, 

For my Lord only reconstructs the broken places with new strength and delight, 

He replaces cold, selfish human vice and offers instead fresh spiritual insights ,

that change the routines through which we take the things that we have for granted,

He helps us discern that maybe, maybe everyone else and us included , we are all just the same,

that we hurt each other because despite all the talk about love and change,

we still don’t really know about how to love one another,

So therefore, I know that I am only as good as the next circumstance,


I will just walk my way and walk away from all the negativity and pain,

R.I.P to my former self indulgence,

Here’s to life in all its truth and beauty,

I move continually towards my life giving hope and promise,

I hope that the world someday changes a step,

but as for me I don’t really care,

cos’ I got real hope and real joy,

and the last time I checked, that’s more than enough 




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