The Poet of the unseen


He was a man with a heart unlike any other, 

He remembered something vivid about each stray encounter that met him , 

He drove a dusty scooty that he seldom cleaned, 

His face was like any other, but there was something deep about his soul, 

He felt feelings for the most bizarre things, like voices trapped under dead telephones, 

or sparks hovering in cut electric wires, buzzing with deep intensity, 

His main purpose he felt was was to bring to life the unseen, 

To bring to the canvas that invisible immensity that we dismiss as confusions and delusions, 

He watched life flow, he people watched busy streets, 

He saw the soup of human experience swish and swirl with the spices of the seasons, 

Enacted before his very eyes was the raw and uncut version of the dramatic outward canvas, 

Devoid of symbols, of dreams, and wishful thinking, savage men and women each brimming with invisible feelings, 

He took back whatever he felt were potent and treated to life’s apathetic scowl, 

He went back to his room, his lab and rolled on a beat , He wrote poetry whilst the wind blew past the leaves, 

He remembered the white beard of the homeless bum, He remembered the boy who had lost his way in a big brown, playground, 

He wanted to bear witness to their trials, to their defeats, their moments of exuberance and ultimately the triumphs of the human race, 

He wanted to touch with the soul of art the man whose heart had turned into stone and now wandered aimless with a ragged shirt on, 

He wanted to reach into the person’s heart and create something in it that stood the test of time as a monument of truth and beauty, 

And he wanted it reach into the reader’s soul and sprinkled the breath of life as it truly should be received, 

The city was the length and breadth of his creative visions, whatever he watched he made sure he touched the ground and not linger on what he could only touch, perceive or feel, 

It would seem like he was seeing the same scene that we all pass by oblivious on an everyday basis, 

Yet he would try to remember triggers, matching points where unconscious energies escaped to create puzzling imageries, he stared long and hard at faces, not knowing what to see, but hoping that eventually he would see, 

See past the blindness, see past the stale predictability, see past the crushed spirits and tamed souls, 

He burst at the seams with reckless energy, eager to reach out into the empty colors, 

to rush into silence dripping corridors and bring to life that which has passed away, 

to connect the hearts of fickle persons with stories that would open their barriers, 

He was the Poet of the unseen, he saw mystery in a dew drop that hung dangerously out of a wet leaf, 

He saw the moods of history in the evening skies, he learnt music from the conversations of birds showering under the May summer sun, 

He saw heart in a homeless bum, soul in an alcoholic wash out who slept on a dirty pavement floor, life in a man wearing woman’s clothes, 

He was a Poet of the unseen, and He brought to life what we seldom see. 



A few observations : Life makes sense with God, an unexpected journey through a never stopping city( I wrote this in a hurry, terribly sleepy and exhausted)


I went on a trip to a city recently, and while I was there I was struck by the apathetic indifference rooted in the culture that was quite modern and sophisticated. I saw crowds and crowds of well dressed young people, hip and urban.. Indulging and engaging in the hymns of youth, exuberant and alive with vibrant energy, yet aloof and completely unaware of the plight of their fellow beings, or the eternal direction of their souls, although I must admit, they were all well educated, and quite wise and mature when it came to professional direction… And here I was feeling like the outsider of old who wandered streets searching for clues to riddles posed by human dilemmas, and wondering what is wrong about this culture that we all glorify…? Any man or woman would be proud to be a part of that city, and it was a beautiful place, a sight for the eyes, but the dreamer in me wished for green trees where stale, plastic appearing infrastructures for IT companies stretched lethargically giving off moods of unbearable boredom within four walls, unfinished bridges ran overhead surrounded below by dusty roads with soot ridden shops on the outskirts that were seldom visited or seen, the shops in some weird way seemed to reflect the human character and his/her visibility in the city, the more grandiose and conforming he was to the city’s dominant culture( often determined by the young folk,) the more it drew people in… the more outdated it was, the more it withdrew into the shacks and into the pathology of the men who ran those respective places, who often were irate gentlemen whose anger had reached the surface and grew in ugliness and tense fertility in reaction to other men. 

Ahh The Deceptions of High Society…! Happiness seemed to be the magic word, and that happiness unconsciously was the satisfaction of the ‘Self’ and I don’t blame them… Man is spiritually blind… The Bible does say that man cannot perceive the Kingdom of God unless he was born again in the spirit… The inner man has to allow Christ into his heart… , God was nowhere on the scene, I asked my brother who was standing beside me if God could be here on this street…? And he replied with the usual Christian confidence that He was very much there… I on the other hand, well versed in unshakable truths felt a little skeptical… People seemed to not bother or want Him in anyway, fashion or form…They were too busy exploring the wishes and desires of their own hearts which they believed to be the gospel, the absolute truth and the only dogma they would submit unto… The Gods of the age seemed to be the attitudes rooted in themes of dignity and social well-being, the Gods that people seemed to serve on that particular street appeared to be material wealth, Fashion stores, Fast food outlets, Relationships and how they should appear, Pride… the worst kind… The kind where you never felt the hurt and pain of another person, the kind where you believed that in order to succeed, you had to act like you knew everything, and beauty…. There seemed to be an obsession with beauty, with connections, with appearance and language, the fluidity of it and the flow that chanced between two beings. 

The cities have a culture that seems to daze and confuse me often, I refuse to let something go without taking the proper measures to understand it in a broader or a politically right context. I wondered how does a man like myself preach the gospel in a place as self sufficient as this…? I do get pointers from more elderly men every now and then who have had years and ages of experience, but the rebellious part of me wishes for me to find my own answers, to seek them and then share them when I am certain and thorough that they click and work. I have to confess that my time and stay was rather limited, and I left as early as I came, but whatever I have seen, experienced or been a witness unto, I shall carry around, adding more details in order to see the whole picture. I have a great fear when it comes to new places, for since too often I see the whole world in space that I live in. And new places often crumble and destroy the beliefs and acquired wisdom that I have stored away. I know that there is a certain insidious reaction when one encounters a place for the first time, especially in a place different from the speech of his tongue. One feels quite limited and paralyzed both socially and personally, he feels out of place and beings to assume that he is despised by all owing to his race and origin. And over time he gets over this initial response and begins to overcome it with an overcompensation of some kind. 

But then I observe a life with God, freed of the tyranny of oppressive moods stretches as unbearable as the carelessly unkempt road and room, well aware of my direction, acutely aware of my responsibilities, my purposes, my treasures… And I find that in the world these appear simple and almost laughable, no one wishes to acquire a relationship with Jesus, and no one knows too that He is the only way to life, intellectuals scorn at the simplicity of such an act… but know deep down in their hearts that there are no concrete answers to the perplexities of the human self, and its projections and creations, atheists mock faith holders but accept that they too wish they had the humility to bow down and submit to Divine will which is as lucidly clear as shining blade gleaming in the sun, I see the city and know that beyond the outward acts, the moods, the work, the circus and the happenings, there is a noble and intelligent life within… If only that life yielded to a pursuit of truth, if only more people longed, hungered and hoped for the only truth… The world would be a far better place… ! 

Proverbs 8:17 
I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.

Isaiah 53:6 
All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned—every one—to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.

The Enemy


I’ve got an enemy , 

and he refuses to leave me be, 

He harasses me with hurtful reminders and troubles me with quotes and snippets of conversations of bitter and moments better forgotten, 

He tempts me with rottenness disguised as beauty, 

He seldom allows me to finish whatever work I have started, 

He hates getting criticized, talked down to or being disrespected, 

He claims to love God, and even tries to follow His righteous laws, 

but somewhere deep down there is a slowness in his attitude, 

He wishes to take his time and not be bothered by the fruits of sinful activities, 

He argues with his parents, and has never directly agreed with them,

He is serious yet awaiting for the heavens to open and wishes for opportunities to fall down from heaven, 

He finds subtle faults in other beings but does not hold on to them… but uses them to sometimes put them in place without their knowledge, but he lavishes the truth of his heart in a less forceful conviction when it pertains to his own symptoms of sins, 

This enemy of mine … he refuses to bow down, or go away, 

He wishes to take more and more of my time and my abilities, 

He destroys my life’s visions and directions, 

He cools my fire, throws water over work that I wish to deliver, 

He rebels against everything and anything and will not consider anything unless it suits the tunes of what he perceives to be truthful and trustworthy, 

Oh fool, how can thee.. a man know the future and destiny of a choice…? 

Apart from a basic sense and diagnosing, how can thee know how things will pan out…? 

But I should not be too hard on my enemy, He does not understand the vast immensity of life or the riddles that aggravate at mid-day , 

He can’t differentiate between the truth of God’s word and from an unconscious reliance on feelings of his own heart that the Bible constantly warns about, 

I wish I could do something about this foe that I can’t stand, I pray for him, yet he refuses to bow down and submit,

He does love God, and He does want to obey Him, but he wants a slower pace, one devoid of smothering heat and sharp thorns that draw abstract and emotional blood, 

He sometimes falls prey to the anguish of existence and has trouble controlling what was never under his command, 

But He loves truth, and despite the immensity of dark impulses within him, he has felt the touch of the Master, 

Perhaps it was a tiny spark in a miracle demanding life, 

and there is hope for him in abundance in the Lord, 

but my enemy does not have faith in himself, he only thinks about death and failure and the land where there will be no more chances, 

but I guess that there is hope, and Grace, that food of Beggars such as myself, 

for this enemy I speak of , stares at me when I see the mirror. 

Why can’t I resolve this turmoil…? Poem


Sometimes I question what someone has said to me, 

and I slowly go within and remember the sum of all the statements that they have spoken to me, I remember moments too when they would have hurt me without the slightest care or knowledge and then walk around like the world was just a place where everyone could do whatever they pleased,  

and this would infuriate me and I would try to bring out untruths about their nature so that I would feel triumphant and bold that they were weak and didn’t deserve to stand on a platform next to me, 

Is not my character more true…? More noble and dignified I speak in a voice so steeped in the real , 

But what is real and what is not….?  I wonder as the illusion slowly seems to dip into the water of consciousness which is just a fabric to support life and my thoughts, 

But then I remember my own lies, my own mistakes, my own blunders, my faults, my moments of evil, darkness and sin, 

and I cower, I am not in any way more righteous that they, as a matter of fact I am perhaps more evil and wretched than they, 

But have I not loved more..? Have I not cared more..? Have I not embraced them more…? 

I wonder and I slowly feel strong again, but I still feel not peace, 

and then I suddenly grow more and more weary of shouldering this unseen sack of nothingness that has grown to torment my heart, 

And I jump from this suspended cliff into the next, the air of all the choices that I have taken and yet to take lay suspended all around me, but I move from cliff to cliff searching for thoughts to sink into and relish, 

The past, the present, the future surround me, and I wander within haunted by not knowing what to wish for or what to make sense of.., 

Why is my mind unable to feel free when I hold a grudge against someone …? Is the answer perhaps to love them more…? 

But can’t I be right sometimes…? Is it so wrong for me to be right..? But , but why can’t I feel strong because of that…? Only my ego seems to grow when I talk and encourage thoughts such as those, Is the answer the to truly accept what Christ has said with such authority about…? 

Why does my mind feel bitter when replaying intense moments of hurt and rejection…? Am I trying to become thick skinned and perhaps separate myself from feeling anything at all…? 

I grow weak and faint, even the most remotest of thoughts seem intent on dragging me around and completely stripping me of any sort of assertive power of will, 

What is strength then…? Is there no reprieve from this inner world of hallucination…? No power over this inner turmoil and madness…? This constant fall into fragments and indigestible episodes…? Is there no hope…? 

And then the answer comes to me, I am finite, a part of humanity that is cursed by the Adamic fall, there are things which I can control and things which I can’t, there are things that I am going to be good at and things where I will just right down suck, 

It is only the Lord who can guide me through the darkness of my own heart, It is only the inventor who knows the total length and breadth of His creation… But I do get lost in the out of tune symphony sometimes, wondering and feeling that perhaps there is no such thing as perfect, no such thing that can be leaned upon and trusted. 

But I whine and gripe about how unfair it is that I am weak , that I am unaware of the many thorns all around me, 

and my heart goes on to become more and more unsettled, 

But the Bible reminds me that truth is never easy to take in, 

Sometimes it wipes out what you formerly put your life’s entire hopes upon, 

sometimes it can hurt you where you are weak the most, 

and sometimes it can destroy you and knock you down, 

but you learn to see that you are imperfect, and in deep need of a Savior’s touch, 

that you need not be preoccupied with each other’s faults, or look too hardly on your own, 

What you really need to learn is to understand the Savior’s laws, embrace them without question( for they contain the very ways of life) and walk towards His throne. 




We know that our Lord is alive and real, we know well and good that He is working in and around us, but the reason we proclaim this unchangeable fact to the world is so that they too may believe through Faith and shed away the spiritual scales that have blinded their hearts and eyes from the love of our Lord Jesus which the world hungers for unconsciously, and it has held the world captive to their own ways of thoughts separating them from the power of Grace and Mercy that our Lord has blessed us all in rich abundance- Which is the true and only reality. We are all captives under a bondage rooted in the deceiving nature of the flesh and of Satan, but the good news is that under the Lordship of Christ you are free, free from sin which has ruled your life in the past, free from the power of many unseen elements and foes and free to partake in the kingdom of God where you are forever accepted, embraced dearly and loved….! In the Kingdom of God you are a precious Jewel.

Most arguments made against God are mere reactionary defenses against the demands made by the Power of the gospel for which we are all invited to partake in and receive in full, for the flesh would desire nothing more than a life full of self gratification, immoral excess and a freedom from all authority.. In Christ alone can you find the meaning of life, the purpose of your existence and the necessity for a moral, social and intellectual framework deeply centered in the spirit of God.

We shout to the world that the Lord is alive and real so that they too might see Him as He is and repent in fear and trembling, for the day of wrath and of the Lord’s coming is near. And we who know the Lord have a great great responsibility to share the gospel to a sick and suffering world.




Tears and sweat filled their anguished cries, 

as they pushed their worries into bags and sealed them with ill worded prayers, 

slowly it arose, steady and strong, to the world above, 

reaching the chamber of saints, 

passing the valleys of emeralds and rubies, 

passing by the noble gaze of mighty angels, 

and into the throne of Grace and Power, 

and the Lord took them and held them tender, 

and with his sight remembered the heart of each men whose prayer now rested in His palms, 

and He saw how deep each men held on to Him, 

to those who held lightly, there seemed a pause, as though he wished to deepen the man’s cry , 

to those who held tightly he smiled and poured forth his love, 

he tightened the sentries of Angels around their lives,

he sparked their fires, he stored up blessings to shower forth after dry seasons of testing,  

whomever crossed their paths, He made the stranger feel their intentions rather than the common man’s desire to prove power and worth, 

And they walked away touched and almost refreshed after deserts of hatred and a wealth of deceitful defenses, 

to those whose prayers revealed a changing of heart, or who had reached the middle path and knew not if their faith was pure and true, or struggled to believe, the Lord moved a little further away… reflecting their actions with His own.

But yearning relentlessly for them to come running back into his love and care,

And then the Lord sent them back, scattering them like seeds across the men and their vicinity. 

The men whose prayers had ascended to the highest heavens then went back into the course of their lives, 

to the path of their choices and into the journey of the wilderness hidden in the world, the lone path stricken with thorns that poked at the flesh, and into a life warring with the lies that had taken the place of truth in the big wide world outside their nest, 

but the Angels stood beside, guarding them against a million unseen foes, at times weakened by the soul’s lack of care in the affairs of the spirit, but constantly whispering words of comfort and encouragement to the troubled soul. 

 And the Heavenly Father awaited at the throne, for the day when lies and truth would once and for all be decided, 

for the day when HE could rightfully take back those who belonged to Him and had lived a life worthy of Him. 



Everybody wants to be remembered, for something that would help others see them for what they truly are, to reveal the extent of who they can be, to want other people to appreciate their value, to accept them as someone special and to treat them with the respect that they rightfully deserve. 

Everyone seeks something in this world to make them feel safe, secure, cared for and loved. But when one gains an acquaintance of the world, and gets to know it through experience, one realizes that it takes work to get there… and sometimes, even after reaching you realize that it can’t stay with you forever, or that someone can still treat you with disrespect and make you lose whatever confidence and hope that you placed on that something that you centered your life on and spent many years toiling relentlessly for. But in God, there is nothing to prove, we don’t earn His love, He gives it away abundantly and freely, He does not love you for your appearance, your style, your status, your beauty or your talent… He loves you just the way you are.. and He loves you unconditionally, and it would be to mock God to think otherwise… Dear Friend, at the end of the day that is the only that thing that truly matters… To enjoy the world’s approval and friendship can be sweet , but to place your hopes and faith on them would be utterly foolish, for they are rather fickle and not worthy of our trust since they do not truly care for your ultimate well-being since they contain all the limitations and weaknesses that you yourself have and struggle with . Man’s life is but a reed placed in the wind the Bible says, life can end at any moment dear friend, and you will be left with eternal consequences that you hardly took the time to properly deal with and learn about. The greatest treasure that you can find in this life is to know and find God, to get to know Christ and then find Him so extraordinary that you wish to serve Him and only Him all your life, that happened to me when I pondered a way to end my life a few years ago… and I have not looked back since then.

Forget those who are popular, who seem to have all the friends and all the flashy gadgets and pretty girls, who hardly treat you nor acknowledge you dearest friend… Life is so much more than gaining acceptance and approval from people who do so little for you…, their acceptance of you is of no worth… It can do nothing for you in the long run… They ignore you since their hearts do not know the meaning and the worth of a human life. Truth is the most valuable thing, and that truth is that God.. An omnipotent, unfathomable God loved you so much that He paid the price for your sins that were blocking you and your entire race from connecting with Him personally… Life is a valuable and beautiful Gift dear friend, in order for you to realize its worth and importance you have to ask God into your heart, for He has many beautiful and wonderful plans to uplift and transform you and give you a life where the most simple things can contain such immense joy within. 

I say this with the deepest love and care that you can’t understand life, its too vast and you were never meant to understand it fully in the first place… You can understand specific things about life, but to know it thoroughly is not possible, God on the other hand does, and whats more amazing is that He wants to guide you along a path that will truly help you see that He, and He alone is enough for you … Both in this life and in the next.. and you need Him in your life to help you deal with this evil and fallen world outside your door and the evil and corrupt being inside your heart that you can never place your trust upon… Give your life to Christ dear friend… , and He will change the course of your life and give you riches far greater than material possessions and wealth. 
Your Christian Brother