How often do the waves feel the shore..?
How often does the rebel resist death’s cruel blows…?
I am constantly striving against concrete,
bewildered and crushed by what I can’t ever see.
Darkness destroys what I believe.
We all fight wars that nobody sees,
We are all striving towards the light,
I won’t get lost in the lives of the billions around me,
I won’t fade away into the swirling mass of mass mania.
The defiant who rise up are few,
Hell’s flames won’t conquer me,
I am a fighter,
I won’t allow defeats to break me,
I will rise from every fall,
I will celebrate my tenacity,
my persistence, my perseverance,
and my life’s story…,
I am not everybody.




How did I survive all that ever happened to me..?
How am I alive…?
What inside of me refuses to perish…?
Against the meaningless of what I everyday, see..?
How did I like live through the brokenness
of all the damage that I see…?
How did I grow from all the pain that once threatened to
drive me insane…?

Shut up…. Don’t say that – A poem


She told me, your pain … it’s nothing.
Whatever you went through, I’ve been
through worse.
And with that she switched her drama switch on.

And strangely I couldn’t empathize with a word of what she said.
My heart belongs to the hurt,
to the rejected and to the
Sure, my heart offers compassion to the hurt
and the lonely.

But here she was, abused and broken,
trying to take away what rightfully belonged
to me.
That pain that you just undermined lady,
that’s my story… that’s how I built up what you see,
Don’t dismiss me ,
You don’t know me… Your life and
its dramas… They don’t belong to me.
They are yours, ask me how..?
How can I let this go..?
How can I be free..?
Don’t cheapen my story just because you had to
go through something different.

You will never understand my tenacity,
My heart and my courage…
To be inside me and go against strength
is something that you will never quite clearly grasp.
But take a look at my damaged petals,
at my broken wings, and at my scarred heart…
The damage that occurred to my spirit is far worse
than yours…
But I guesss that We are both haunted, we both live with memories
that we wish to erase. And we both are not different.