The Streets


Where I am from,
the people seem lost but they don’t believe that they can be found.
They live between their soul and the artificial power of immediate reality,
they are eternally conflicted and least bothered about what feels different

Where I am from,
Fear triggers all the messed up negative drama,
you got people pretending to be alright,
you have them convincing you that you’re the one with the problems,
they treat you with the same poison that they treat themselves.
Where I am from,
People pass me and I feel that indescribable feeling in my gut, that I am living right next to the cold hearted, right next to those who walk like the dead alive.

Where I am from,
People stare at you if you they want you to initiate talk,
Where I am from,
People stare down and walk, they want to forget their small hell on earth,
their eyes forget what they see, they are just trapped in a never ending fight.

Where I am from,
People don’t always get what they want, they are taught to accept what cannot be changed.
Where I am from, kids drink more than their alcoholic abusive fathers,
Where I am from, there are more funerals than births,
I live right next to a ghetto and a debilitated housing project..,
the war on the streets is not one of drugs and gang violence,
but one of economic relevance and cultural insignificance.

Where I am from, the war is one of being remembered,
it stares you right in your eyes,
men have lost their minds and live lives vaguely begotten,
Humanity has lost their God and serve vain demons