Writer problems – Short poem


Writers are a sad bunch,
They write stuff that is mostly make believe,
but is most often from longings that really did not work out for them,
and they are just spilling their guts using art and hiding it pretty well to say the least.
But they are forever revisiting their most intense heart aches and recreating it to feel better than it really did,
They often times use comedy to sound so cool,
but in all reality, the thing that they make fun of probably ripped their heart into two.., and now post trauma and a few years of rehabilitation on that soft, tender, naive soul they think that using comedy really has healed a scar whose pain just lessened over time.
Writers can see what most people feel but don’t have the guts to comprehend,
Writers write stuff that most people have repressed, forgotten or neglected,
A writer revisits his old demons, nightmares, fond memories, aches and wounds,
But he uses them to construct worlds where people can find solace, comfort, refuge,
but for him there is no refuge.., he faces his nightmares alone, his anguish alone and lives often just to tell the tale.


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