Am I the only one..?


There are things in movies that I catch, which i’d like to think nobody catches,
since no one is listening, let me talk on anyway.
For example, in a scene, I enjoy the sound of crowds just moving about, shimmering on like a huge wave of motion,
I like to memorize those very sounds and then play them like a record on a rainy afternoon, comforting myself as I am alone,
But then again, it’s not like she cares about trivial stuff like these which constitute the entirety of me now does she..?
Oh, she was cold.., brutal, real.., action minded, immediate.., Rejected me without so much as a second thought,
The funny thing is those who reject you usually have the last word, I hate that, I like to get the last word or action, whatever opens up.., but the last word would’ve been fine.
But then again its not like my life is an exhibition thrown in order to impress somebody..,
No, no.., my dear friend, I am just saying that sometimes even the random things sting,
Is it my fault that I read everybody that I meet, I carefully watch, observe and write ..? I read their energy, I read their lips, I read their bland little minds with their quaint little data,
I am like a mute spectator with telescopic vision, probing away, digging my mind for whatever information my intuition can find,
My soul is old, its my life that’s young,
I say so many things when I don’t say a word,
I mean so many things when I let things go, when I let people go, when I refuse to fight for what is never known#