I wish I could play music – Short Poem


I wish I could play music,
or write songs, I seriously wish I could.
I want to fall in love with someone who can,
because there is so much music in my soul.
I have so many feelings that are just waiting to get out.
I have so many dark photographs that just need lyrical
painting to meet,
I want to bring to life what people thought could never happen,
I want to lash out at the darkness of this world and do so with fearlessness,
I want to have the last word,
I want people to notice what I say,
I want people to use my emotions to find their own,
For once I want to say that this is mine, here take it,
use up all my bottled up, unreleased childhood darkness
and use it to guide your heart,
I want to mourn over sadness other than mine,
I want to create worlds that last beyond this other one that we are all alive in,
I want to offer light, I want to make someone’s heart happier than mine,
I want to put music to love, to joy, to anguish and to everything else that constitutes who we are as people,
I want people to fall in love to what I could search and prophecy about the human heart,
I want people to finally find it in their heart to open their hearts to God, when there is nowhere left to turn,
I want to make people hear the songs of Angels amidst the chaotic chitter chatter of evening traffic,
I want to make people believe in the real things that matter,
but hey I am just a dreamer with a song that only I can hear,
Lord, if you are listening, I would really appreciate it if you could make
me sing without making people lose hope in my howling and growling.