What we really need in this life


Everybody seems to be interested in the external necessities of life.. The statuses, the relationships with attractive girls, the sophisticated modern luxuries – urban and suburban in nature, the cool hanging out spots that need social network likes and jealousy, the flaunting of material wealth, the flaunting of privileged living, the need to update parts of our lives that are independent, fun appearing and freedom preaching…, we are all similar in this regard, we need to feel validated and appreciated by our fellow men, we want to compete with them, provoke them and often let them see us for who we wish we can be or who we really can be or are in many cases.

It is like we have this innate desire to advertise our life – including myself , when all of us have normal, simple and very ordinary lives beneath it all. Despite the glamorization of our hobbies, our lives, our travel and our passions. Many constantly confuse this as the answers to the intrinsic needs of our spirit – We are indomitable, immortal spirits trapped in lifeless, immortal souls which are further trapped in alive and fleshly bodies.. The spirit can find no happiness and rest in this world, and in its people.. Only Jesus can bring life to our spirits that are dry, desperate and in an intense need for meaning and purpose… Friends The true needs of life are those that are inward, our needs cry out to us always.., we have just not learned to discern them… Wanting us to engage in something more stable, lasting, truthful and deeper than impulsive one night stands, stagnant casual relationships, crazed clubbing and alcoholic binges… Happiness is deeper when experienced with it’s creator, Christ made the claim that He was the very author of Life.. Imagine that..! Joy is more profound when it is offered after trials, or offered in exchange for something as feeble, uninspiring and dull as our prayers…God has a strange way of replying to our indignant demands, our weaknesses and unrefined, inarticulate prayers and attempts… He offers us a piece of Himself into our hearts.. What a generous, magnanimous Savior who takes away our own rot and filth and instead creates products that imitate Himself.. We are fooling ourselves if we believe that happiness can be found in the world.. Yes there is happiness.. but the world exacts a price on your soul for it’s claims to Happiness.. The World creates unhealthy addictions, unrealistic expectations, unhealthy ideas, selfish ambitions, success crazed lives that seldom stop in their craving for power, recognition and searching for the ultimate high…, emotional routes towards romance, sexual obsession, a need for attention, pride and arrogance… We are often the very creators of subtle social evils that we propagate without the heart of Christ… But dear friend, the truth that I have found is that it is better to lose everything that we have ever known and find the true meaning of Life, which is to Know Christ.. than to spend all our time, our resources, our lives in pursuit of that which takes us from our poverty, our social and financial poverty but is of no use in the grand scheme of things… Know Christ dear friends.. Seek Him Zealously.. He is a great lover of passion and zeal, He loves all those who take the minimal effort of seeking Him… Nobody on this planet seems interested in discovering God.. When He is unwittingly at the heart of it all, one day you will stand before Him, and in the words of Pastor Rick Warren, you are not going to be asked about your amazing success stories, or that awesome bungee jump in Indonesia, or the massive list of sexual conquests, or that amazing office room that you were given when you were promoted.., God does care about how you use your talents.. but He wants to be the driving force dear friends.. otherwise talents are used very selfishly and do little to no good at impacting people and their lives.. On that terrifying day which I have always feared since the beginning.. I believe His list of questions might go this way..

He is going to ask us if we made the world better..? Did we love people..? Did we ever take the time to find Christ who is the very quest of all Human life..? Did we love those who are different from us..? Did we feed the poor..? Did we provide to our children who were rebellious, arrogant and demanding..? Did we pray for our beloved ..? Did we speak about the incredible treasures and riches of God and did we even share Him with our closest friends and brothers..? Was all that we were concerned about in this life ourselves..? Did we do anything to change our own selfishness..? Were we there for others..? These lists and question types scare me too… Since I can be very selfish with my energy, my time and my life.., but they give me purpose and a vision of how my life should be driven and what matters the most… Which is very contradictory to what the world preaches and extols.. and that is why I suggest that each of you find and seek Christ as though your life depends on it because it really does…!