God’s Grace was always there in our lives – Discovering the threads that led us to Him


The Gospel, The Bible, God all make sense only when God sees it fit to open our blind eyes in some miraculously, magnificent gesture after years and years of aggressive denial, irritations and defensiveness… Opening our eyes to the wealth contained in truth and not in our own adamant views, justifications and forcible opinions… In some way we are led to believe in many many lies, fabrications, human wisdom with its tremendous limitations despite the powers of our seemingly self sufficient intellect and knowledge which always convinces us that we are right… God has designed the truth to be found in the simple, timeless echoes of this earth, and they need humility and a willingness to check if we are right about what we believe in… He has placed truth everywhere, in the divine creativity of nature, In the sacred design of morality, in the liberal and narrow definitions of His towering, encompassing, empowering and transformative Grace… and in the narrow, narrow paths that lead straight towards Him and Him alone… The World and Culture have tried their best to put words to God.. but they remain cold, and surface level at best.. The Bible for all it’s plainness allows us to venture deeper by the gracious willingness of the Lord in Meditation into the real heart and core of all things… In order for the Gospel to make sense to us, and for our actions seeming sinful to us we need the touch of God Himself who stirs, tests and questions our conscience… and He only seems to amaze us even when we have articulated enough the seemingly dry desolation of faith, or the sins of Religion and religious leaders.., and the barren uninspiring terrain of our world’s culture.. Therefore though we make a choice, God has been working in all of our lives, leading us onward.. Calling to us in our struggles, in our tragedies and in our hopelessness to a place of refuge, comfort, power and strength. In the end we realize that it was not our own amazing testimony or efforts, but His genuine compassion, love and understanding of our journey despite it’s many falsehoods, lies, deceptions, hatreds, blunders, mistakes and tragedies… Our coming into Faith is a glorious witness of the Lord’s almighty power and work to bring men towards Him even if He seems afar, detached and aloof from us all. Glory to God