Testing to see if God is real – The Mystery of God


The problem with a belief in God is in how we can comprehend Him through our natural senses that have an excellent capacity to read and understand the world around us if we teach ourselves to watch, observe and learn. God only provides us with evidence in our natural senses of His existence.. Nature.., the Birds.., the skies.., the Animals.., they all have His genius embedded into it.., our own bodies bear testament to His incredible powers of creation.., The Bible bears witness to His presence.., Christ following believers are called to bear testament and witness to Him who is unseen and invisible.., but it seldom feels enough. Discovering or realizing that a God can exist seems fantastic, amazing and incredible but yet we don’t want it to be true since it would mean that we are in turn transferred to a rigorous sect who have to be Absolutely perfect. God is a spirit.., and that is why we have to encounter Him ‘spiritually’ and not naturally.., a born again experience guarantees you a lifelong connection with the Lord by an amazing Godly gift given to you.., His spirit that comes to dwell within you and Him offering a new spirit which is going to life out your supernatural faith in Him who is unseen but is everywhere.

The problem is that we are bombarded with contrary realities that convince us that it is impossible to think that a God can exist for , but truly think about it.., it is a conclusion that you draw merely by what you have encountered thus far….the world, the Universe and our own lives have never encountered Him.., don’t be discouraged brother and sister.., those are done on purpose.., God loves when souls seek their creator.., He draws us to Himself through the events of our lives.., We clearly see the deep restless despair that exists in our lives in all that we love, trust and hold on desperately for all the while dreaming about the real, unbreakable one.., Friends our imagination testifies to our deeper longings for absolutes.., but we have not learned to see that yet.., Friends Absolutes exist only in God.., everything else contains only half truths.., and half expressions performed by learning, transference and human beings conforming to mere existence.

God has to exist, for everything else is insanely done without any meaning or direction whatsoever.., God narrows down the roads that we are to seek when we wish to encounter Him. I have taken multiple roads to seek Him.., Hinduism.., Jainism.., Yoga.., Mysticism.., the Occult.., Spirit Animals.., Buddhism.., Zen.., Spirit Guides.., the Paranormal.., they all gave me experiences that I can never forget.., but they also left me wanting for more.., a lot more than I could comprehend or even find the language to understand my own inner soul’s intense longing… check for that desire always dear friends.. for the Bible tells us that only God satisfies the heart.., anything that does not completely satisfy our souls, our hearts and our minds can never be God.., Reject it for you have an eternity to pay for your error, deception and belief… another observation is that God creates situations where we can encounter Him on a deeper, more personal level in order to understand Him away from the Bible but then that understanding has to lead you to the Bible in order to help you get a refined, life tested, trials shaped reality of Him in order for your Faith to follow Him on a day to day basis… Many understand what it feels like to be sad.., hurt… wounded.., but how many of us seek the healing power of God…? We share it with friends whose support we unconsciously become attached to but end up realizing that they are not who we want them to be rather bitterly.., we learn to overcome it with anger, discipline and intellect.., but we miss God.., we don’t humble ourselves and go as we are to Christ.., we go there for only healing.., but God wants us for life..! He knows how to heal our souls, our hearts and our minds eternally.., but we only long for temporary things that will change over a period of time.., We don’t want permanent solutions.., we only desire temporary answers that make us feel good about our own self.., we seldom understand that to seek God is to exalt His glory above our own.., but many of us only enjoy our own imperfect glory and we fall deeper in love with our own selves and lesser with God.

Another way.., Read the Bible.. satisfy your curiosity.., Friends I must warn you..,reading your Bible can leave you eternally changed.., go and read it with every doubt, confusion and conflict that you have.. take all your grandiose intellectual confusion.. your highest philosophical realization and your deepest psychological assessment and find yourself encountering the very words of God written by men like you and me inspired by the Holy Spirit. Test it, examine it and study it.., you won’t regret it.., it can help you find the truths of this God that we all wish to find but few have the intensity, the desire and the passion to find.


Am I A Writer or a Dreamer…?


Am I a writer or a dreamer..?
Do I write to remember my dreams..?
Or Do I write to speak what other’s seldom see..?
Maybe I am a mixture of both,
for my dreams helped me see,
and my words helped me dream,
my dreams helped me feel and my words helped me see,
I am a sea of unconscious dreams,
a sky of shivering stars that represent the infinitude of my thoughts silvery,
Perhaps it is not necessary to distinguish between the both,
I am a wounded healer who helps others see,
and an artist who writes to dream.

A Theory Regarding People that I Meet In My Life – A short poem


I have this theory about meeting people,
How do you end up meeting someone awesome..?
Is it chance..? Luck..? Fate..? Destiny..?
I am seriously running out of words here.
I feel that I am in the wrong person’s story here,
everybody that I want to meet and spend my life with
lives with somebody else.
In all honesty you end up in some random corner of the world,
and in that small stretch of land, you are supposed to
find your crush, infatuation, sweetheart, close friend, best friend,
rebound girlfriend, wife, colleagues, peers and other people oriented
memorabilia to display and speak of in social commentary and rhetoric,
repeated time and time again, which in turn turns into myths to behold and wonder about.
Most people are so self assured that their stories of life are the only ones worth hearing about, I beg to differ,
I don’t know if I will travel the world, I know that I am tired of just staying alive and waiting for the inevitable,
I want to touch a billion hearts all at once,
I want to make people dream and forget this abysmal depression
that is reality and our nation’s poverty.
What a pressure.., How do we find out if the people who are in our life are the ones who are meant to be there..?
Is there some sort of magic to it all..?
Or are we just all here by accident and have to make it out somehow..?

Love ( My broken pieces are longing for yours)- A poem


Not everything is about beauty son,
Beauty is a powerful drug that blinds,
the deeper things lie far from it’s intoxicating surface,
Love is far away from an outer, immediate reachable thing,
perhaps it is far more than mere attraction,
far deeper than emotions and feelings,
perhaps that is why I fall for things that I can never
have, perhaps that is why I am fooled into things that
are not meant to be.

I did the strangest odd imaginative activities when I was young,
I dreamt about girls that I fell in love with.
I lived through intense feelings that created, beautiful, restless,
unfulfilled dreams of them in my heart.
I also imagined myself people dancing to my favorite beats,
I was grooving along with them too.

But I just stumbled across the strangest realization yesterday,
Hear me out now.
For years I have been ruled by attraction,
I thought about the electricity igniting smiles of my overpowering infatuations,
I have thought about the way I felt when I saw her for the first time,
about the feel of lips, I drowned in the longing to feel her closer to me.
Thoughts of her were my oxygen,
but for the first time yesterday I thought about my future soul’s half without any physical longing, without the confusing emotion of romance longing merely for what inspires it’s dreams.
I wonder if I am really falling in love, or merely loving what my eyes and heart finds
overwhelming and deep.
I do love, loving is what I have been longing for … Longing past the swelling tides of the long harsh years of utter loneliness, Loving is what I want.., but I wonder if love is more than making myself feel better, I wonder if love is more than what I feel would unite my soul with her’s together and tether me to a pole so that I will not separate myself from the entire universe of alienating powers and tendencies,
I choose so very badly.., I choose people with fear, with insecurity and with a deep pain and hidden emotional obliviousness.
I want to wake myself now.., Reality is far better than dreams,
I am a dreamer.., yes the world is full of unimaginable horrors which torment and oppress my sensitive soul every second of every day…,
but I am no longer giving myself up to meaningless yearnings, longings and eternal pining away for blissfully happy damsels deeply in love with themselves and their perfect little boy toys,
I am a man, a dreamer, a poet, a rebel, a writer, a healer and an artist,
I long and call for a love to stay,
to nourish my desperate loneliness,
to help me worship my Maker with a heart so flawed yet so filling and willing to unite, and yet connect as one.
I long for reality’s princess…, the one with a headstrong rebelliousness,
the one with the independent spirit,
the one who would cry to lose me even if she is the strongest woman in the world..,
I’d like more of that, and less of drama creating daddy’s princesses,
I’m sick of you all, please leave my world alone,
I wish to be alive and love my rightful queen.

For the Love of Poetry – A Poem


I think that the greatest quality of poetry
is in the way that it is calming and quite reassuring.
You don’t have to understand what it speaks,
it needs not your intellect or
, only your participation and meditative en-trance.
It is a deep cavern of humanity’s deepest emotions,
a silent Native american flute of our Universal spirit’s intuition,
The language despite it’s symmetry is fluid and flows like a stream
robed in the midday sun’s golden mysticism,
Poetry reminds us that we are eternal mysteries trapped
between the impermanent,
Poetry reminds us that we are spiritual wanderers struggling
with our fallen, fractured flesh,
Poetry is a glimpse into the heart of a God whose nature is
best expressed in the words’ His ways are higher than our ways’.
Poetry helps me know and inform my passion for something more than
mere fables and imaginative creation,
Poetry helps put words for my eternal passion, zeal and heart for
my Lord… I melt into emotions like waves, I become the wind and
cascade past lost souls trapped in a daze, I cry out with flaming
light and light hopeless hearts with love’s fierce force,
Poetry helps me search the eternal mystery of Heaven, I plunge
into the vast shores of God’s presence..,
What is infinity..?
What is love offered from a being with no blemishes..? No faults and zero limitations..?
My language seems feeble and indigenous to my brain’s familiar themes,
So I struggle to comprehend such a Savior,
I can’t express the greatness of a God whose love is offered to me in
drops and touches.., in peace and gentleness, in the incredible redeeming
healing offered by His grace..,
I can’t understand Perfection enjoying imperfection,
but I can understand who I am in His matchless infinitesimal presence.
I think that He is writing Poems using the emptiness of my soul,
Oh Great love, how I need You in everything, for You complete me in my helplessness,
In my most difficult trials you satisfy even when I feel that you can’t,
You have no measure to which men can claim an understanding of you even when You open yourself up for all.
Oh great Poet and Father of Lights, Oh Great Presence fill our parched human hearts abused by our own hands and hearts, Teach us to enter into You so that we may be made and crafted into something whole and full.

Surges of Brilliance – Poem


Surges of brilliance,
unpredictable gushes of torrential clarity,
a deep thrust into the depths of whatever it is that runs within me,
crashing like splintering, waves,
sending shivers of intense emotions ,
what reality covers with mediocrity and oppressive sincerity,
The Moonbeams bring forth from the concealed
depths,leading inwardly into doors hidden beneath,
Spaces of time, what candle so brief should shudder like hips swaying to a mystic tantalizing beat..?
Stepping past the passage of self pathos, running headlong with pants of eager longing
into the meadows of art’s maddening glucose,
My heart is haunted by ghouls and rushes of psychic emotion,
Senseless Panic pulls away the soul from the abstract pathway into oblivious richness,
Invisible hands drag me down whenever I climb art’s ladder,
Fear’s demons dance around drawing me into manias of doubt,
I pay more attention to my fears than my goods,
I am a man divided and blown apart.
Too intense and too hard,
Too cold and too warm..,
I contain worlds and paradoxes within.



Who are these watchers in the sky…?
Ancient paintings in caves point to the sky,
cosmic beings who have watched the race of the human seed throughout the course of history,
A dire road leading to destruction,
Should one play the game of roulette or the game of dice…?
Is life predestined or determined by one’s choices…?
Free will or a roll of dice…?