A hero lives inside of me


A hero lives inside of me,
a beast who awakens when I least expect it,
I can’t understand how.. or why..?
He takes over and comes in like a warrior full of valor,
I have always been shy, and have lacked confidence,
but sometimes when I am backed into a corner,
and when everyone seems to lose hope, that’s when I plunge within,
I awake a smoldering, burning fire,
I rise,
I fight, I am no longer afraid of the eternal burning pits of hell,
I make war, I no longer remember ten thousand of my failures,
I don’t give up, I am resilient,
I don’t tremble, I don’t scare away,
I am a force to be reckoned with
I am no longer a shy kid who bruises easily,
I am a heroic force of sheer power,
My Lord is with me, of whom shall I be afraid…?
Who can stop me..?