Resistance is within us,
One day the war will be won,
Until then victory will seem afar,
But for now I am called to be a hero. 

For the cross of Christ, 
I am called to war within me,
His blood lifts me to heavenly heights
Even as I battle the fiery urges of Hades within me.
I am a troubled warrior, a meek saint, a timid yet glorious weapon, I am the cause but The power of the Cross is my drug…,
It beckons me on,
I will be sure in the midst of my nerve numbing uncertainties,
I will strive to carry this torch across thousands of miles,
I have the chance to right my evils and all the wrongs committed in my own history,
I will not be defeated by the overpowering might of the darkness ,
Lord make me strong, I am your enemy, 
I need You to drag me to the finish,
I can’t do this on my own,
I serve You and You alone,
I want that Heavenly crown,  I want you to call me a hero,
The day to change is now,
I don’t ever want to ever look back, for my past and my bleeding scars are lethal,
They take my energy and defeat my faith’s heart…
Lord… I need Glory,
I need You,
Drag me to the place where your throne stands


Why do I pray..? – A poem


Prayer for most of you is a habit, a ritual, a practice for you to feel better.
A last minute after thought that
For me it is therapy, oxygen… Life and sanity.
The Universe, this earth, my country, my state, my street,
I fail to understand it all,
there are way too many dots, too many out of place puzzle pieces,
What one is left with is an enormous mess, a chaos that one has grown used to,
and a murky insensitivity that the heart reacts when its anchor has untethered.

For me it is finding my place of calm,
Exchanging my place of finite instability for God’s infinite stability and power,
Prayer is where I can let go of things that I did not even know I was holding on to,
Most people in life boast about themselves, I do myself,
They say I can’t hold on to anger, I can easily forgive, I don’t keep grudges,
but me on the other hand, I don’t trust myself that easily,
or give away false promises, I know who I am.
I know how evil, sinful and wretched that I can be,
I ask God to give me strength to deal with these glaring errors that occur by nature.
Human nature is limited, and I have known it since forever,
I only want God’s help and strength, I fear my own…
For it leads to pride, unnecessary egoic dictations, power
that only contribute to a false sense of security.

I pray because I need it,
This world is hard for a dreamer and a rebel such as me,
it is my confusion and pain that exerts its wisdom,
it is my hurt and heart that know life’s powers,
I need a strength greater than my own to cope with this madness.
I need God’s friendship often,
because I fail often… I do things that I have promised Him I wouldn’t,
I do things that I despise,
I hurt easily and break without anyone’s knowledge.
I pray because God offers His love freely,
I pray because without God my life has no heart, no love and no good.
I pray because without GOD I am nothing and will become nothing.