Beats, Rhymes and Life – A poem


Beats, Rhymes and Life,

My life set against the beat of an old Hip Hop Rhyme.

I am an universe of hidden secrets,

My life is a sermon on the Moon’s pulpit,

I survived death and demonic voices,

I would like to be left alone,

I am a wolf inhabiting the dark blackness,

A dog left all alone in a room without voices,

Tears in forgotten jars locked up in heaven,

Mad souls withering away in padded cells in lunatic asylums,

Struggle is my heart’s witness,

Truth the glimpse of hope as I am lost in my Heart’s madness,

Too many lost chances, too many heart wrenching one sided infatuations,

I wonder if I can ever make it to Heaven…,

I wonder if I can live the words that I preach to others,

When will I ever overcome my soul’s bloody madness…?