A Theory Regarding People that I Meet In My Life – A short poem


I have this theory about meeting people,
How do you end up meeting someone awesome..?
Is it chance..? Luck..? Fate..? Destiny..?
I am seriously running out of words here.
I feel that I am in the wrong person’s story here,
everybody that I want to meet and spend my life with
lives with somebody else.
In all honesty you end up in some random corner of the world,
and in that small stretch of land, you are supposed to
find your crush, infatuation, sweetheart, close friend, best friend,
rebound girlfriend, wife, colleagues, peers and other people oriented
memorabilia to display and speak of in social commentary and rhetoric,
repeated time and time again, which in turn turns into myths to behold and wonder about.
Most people are so self assured that their stories of life are the only ones worth hearing about, I beg to differ,
I don’t know if I will travel the world, I know that I am tired of just staying alive and waiting for the inevitable,
I want to touch a billion hearts all at once,
I want to make people dream and forget this abysmal depression
that is reality and our nation’s poverty.
What a pressure.., How do we find out if the people who are in our life are the ones who are meant to be there..?
Is there some sort of magic to it all..?
Or are we just all here by accident and have to make it out somehow..?