Resistance is within us,
One day the war will be won,
Until then victory will seem afar,
But for now I am called to be a hero. 

For the cross of Christ, 
I am called to war within me,
His blood lifts me to heavenly heights
Even as I battle the fiery urges of Hades within me.
I am a troubled warrior, a meek saint, a timid yet glorious weapon, I am the cause but The power of the Cross is my drug…,
It beckons me on,
I will be sure in the midst of my nerve numbing uncertainties,
I will strive to carry this torch across thousands of miles,
I have the chance to right my evils and all the wrongs committed in my own history,
I will not be defeated by the overpowering might of the darkness ,
Lord make me strong, I am your enemy, 
I need You to drag me to the finish,
I can’t do this on my own,
I serve You and You alone,
I want that Heavenly crown,  I want you to call me a hero,
The day to change is now,
I don’t ever want to ever look back, for my past and my bleeding scars are lethal,
They take my energy and defeat my faith’s heart…
Lord… I need Glory,
I need You,
Drag me to the place where your throne stands


My Spirit will not die


My spirit shall not die,
I will walk thousands of miles,
I will surely live, I will not give up,
be it the gory depths of hell where sinners weep,
or the Holy heights of Heaven where Saints sigh.
But here now, in this earth,
I will fight wars, and be sure,
that no man will reach where I’ve gone
or ever be who I am.
The world is not over,
Victories are won only after
fights are lost, but challenged and then the glory
will come.
Inch by inch, The world won’t know,
But I don’t care for such short sighted wishes,
I am created to be a flaming torch
meant to inspire and give life to what is dead around me.
The day’s symmetry will not change,
reality’s gospel will remain untouched,
but I will live on, and not fear Death herself,
I will live as a spark
in the hearts of men, in the hearts of fighters
and warriors alike… Remembered and
cherished… No shots will down my tribe.
They too will learn to live,
I am here to live… Don’t take away what
rightfully belongs to my soul…!